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The housekeeper, who was always called "Mrs.", married or unmarried, was responsible for the female servants.  She was required to hire or dismiss them and to ensure that they attended to their duties responsibly.

The management of the storeroom was in the capable hands of the housekeeper - she would order in the stores and manage them as required.  The linens were under her charge and it was her responsibility to ensure that it was kept in repair and replaced as required.  The china was also under her charge.  The stillroom department was superintended by her and she also oversaw the arrangements of the bedrooms - those for household members, guests and servants were all her responsibility.  Subject to the approval of the mistress of the house, the housekeeper would decide which rooms guests and servants would occupy.

A housekeeper was required to be methodical of habit, to be firm and impartial in her dealings with the under servants (although strictly exacting, respecting the due performance of their duties) as she in all respects represented her mistress and was invested with her authority.

A housekeeper in 1894 would be paid from  £30 to  £70 per annum.  A good wage, though a Butler would receive  £50 to  £80 per annum.


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