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Some Thoughts on Fasting

Another poem that I discovered in "Enquire Within Upon Everything (1890)" - have I mentioned that I love this book? So much of my research is done with the help of it that I rarely use the Internet!

The Poor man fasts because he has no meat,
The rich man fasts because he will not eat.
The miser fasts with greedy mind to spare,
The glutton fasts to eat the greater share.
The hypocrite will fast to seem more holy,
The righteous man to punish sin and folly.

- Anonymous


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28th Sep, 2014 16:08 (UTC)
That is very true.

You certainly do get a lot out of that book! I have little doubt that I shall have you consulting it for me again very soon.

Welcome back, by the way - I have missed you.
29th Sep, 2014 15:16 (UTC)
Yes. So far, it's my favourite book that I've bought for my research.

Aw! I've missed you too Sir Alex.
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